(noun) A relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

CONNECTION is why we do it! If your brand doesn’t connect to your market, or your message doesn’t connect in a way that moves customers, why bother?

GTMPR is all about connecting. But how do we connect? By building your business, elevating your brand and developing strategies and messaging that help your business rise above, move your audience and generate attention.

We look at granular details and processes in your business that could be as simple as how you answer the phone, your logo and your content creation process. Then we ask ourselves, “Is this how an inspiring business can lay claim to its brand values and promise?”


We are a PR, Advertising and Design agency, with over 15 years of industry experience, who decided that the big agency model is not always the most effective way to build a brand.  All businesses aren’t created equal, yet all businesses NEED a brand. We are able to accommodate businesses of all sizes to make sure that they too can connect with their customers.

The clients we serve understand the value of strategy and planning and how much more effective their investment is when they approach creativity with strategic intention.

Our team defines your goals, creates a strategy that meets your needs and builds on content to execute results.

Denise Galvez, Founder and President

Aldo Cardona, Director of Business Development

Rene Granado, Creative Director


The most successful strategic plans and campaigns are the ones that achieve a carefully defined goal. Your goal may be to increase sales, generate awareness or to attract a strategic partnership. The services we offer, including brand management, product launch and the creation of clear & compelling copy is a deliberate process of hierarchy. Leave it to our team to execute specific options to fully meet your brand promise and generate the biggest return on your investment.

  • Public Relations

  • Digital Media

  • Social Media

  • Product Launches

  • Event Promotions & Activations

  • Logo/ Branding

  • Website Design

  • Consumer Engagement

  • Content Creation & Technical Writing

  • Event Planning & Management


We believe in the importance of rolling up our sleeves and creating a series of powerful creative options that emotionally connects with your target audience, and serve your end goals. We do great work and deliver amazing results for our clients.

But we also believe in the importance of giving back. We are members of Buy 1, Give 1, meaning we are in the business of creating positive global change. This isn’t just lip service. Every time a new client joins our team we give back to the community.

Our clients make it easy for purpose-driven businesses like ours to make a positive impact by giving back in meaningful ways. For us, it’s all about future generations so every new client pays to educate 20 children for one full year through the HOPE Foundation.


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